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Mirage Blocks is a mobile puzzle game where the player has to fit pieces together on their screen or on the mirrored one, trying to survive as long as possible.



Game Objectives

  • Score the maximum number of points by completing columns or rows with the fitted pieces;
  • Avoid running out of moves (when none of the pieces can fit on any of the game screens).

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In this game, the player has access to 3 pieces at the bottom of the screen. They will have to place each piece on the screen above or on its mirror, figuring out the best arrangement for the chosen piece.

When a piece is successfully placed on the screen, a new one is randomly replenished in the bottom bar. The player is required to manage the placement of the pieces on the screen so that they fit together, avoiding small empty spaces separated from each other that might be difficult to fill in the future.

When the pieces form a complete row or column, that line disappears, and the player’s score increases.

If the player’s pieces have no possible place on the screen, they can click a button on the right that randomizes the 3 pieces they have in their possession. The player has 3 opportunities to do this, if they have none remaining and no pieces to place, the game ends.


The ways for the player to score are as follows:

  • For each filled square, the player earns points;

  • For each completed row/column, the player scores extra points, destroying the row/column and gaining its respective space;

  • When the player completes an intersection (the crossing of a row with a column), a bomb is activated that will hit a 3x3 area, where each destroyed square gives extra points to the player.

gameplay line complete gameplay view 3

The more rows and columns destroyed with the same piece movement, the higher the combo in the score.

As the score increases, the coloring of the pieces undergoes changes. There are the following 9 thresholds in total.


There is always access to a menu of options in the upper right corner of the screen, where the player can control the game and music volume and, most importantly, choose what type of music to listen to, with 8 options available to try to please everyone’s taste.

There is also an option to access the high score so that the player can compare their highest score with that of other players. They can also share it directly with someone using the “share” button.

gameplay line complete

Mirage Blocks is a game that uses simplicity to create various sensations in its players. It is designed to be played anywhere, at any time, in short or long sessions. It all depends on the player’s willingness.

Have fun assembling these mirrored blocks and challenge your intellect to unlock rows and columns in your mind!

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