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Project S.T.O.R.M. is a thrilling multiplayer co-op puzzle escape-room game with horror and thrilling suspense, mixed with a mystical theme.



Game Setting

The game is set in a super-secretive, high-security underwater facility that conducts human testing with a new substance that promises significantly enhanced cognitive abilities.

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Gameplay Elements

  • Puzzle Solving: Players must solve intricate puzzles to progress through the facility.

  • Co-op Communication: Successful communication and collaboration among players are essential to obtain solutions.

  • Collecting Lore Pieces: Players collect hidden lore pieces that gradually reveal the facility’s sinister backstory.

  • Stressors: As time passes, the game introduces stress-inducing elements like mysterious knocks on doors, rumbling rooms, and eerie creatures lurking outside in the water.

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Theme and Setting

“S.T.O.R.M.” is an acronym that stands for Subaquatic Testing-Oriented Research Motherlobe. This facility adds a unique twist to the historical fantasy genre. While the physical setting is grounded in an accurate representation of an underwater research station, the game introduces supernatural and suspenseful elements. Players must navigate this environment, filled with eerie stressors and paranormal occurrences, as they attempt to uncover the dark secrets hidden beneath the sea.

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The facility itself, though historically grounded, becomes a fantastical realm of experimentation, pushing the boundaries of reality. As players delve deeper into their role as unwitting test subjects, they discover that the facility’s experiments involve a mysterious substance rumored to enhance cognitive abilities significantly. The game’s unique combination of real-world history and supernatural intrigue creates an immersive and captivating experience for players.

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In this underwater world spanning 450 square kilometers, players embark on a journey filled with suspense and uncertainty, where each puzzle-solving endeavor brings them closer to unveiling the facility’s true purpose and the supernatural forces at play.

Replay Ability

There is a lot of potential in the game that makes the player feel the need to play it more than once. All the existing puzzles are procedurally generated, making each run different from the last, because the order in which they appear is also random.

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With this comes the potential for speedruns, as there is an in-game timer which will allow for high-score rankings. In addition, streamability is available for a target audience that enjoys speedruns or simply co-op games, as this game requires a lot of communication between the two players.

With the combination of all these factors, the game gains new longevity, promoting different experiences depending on how and when the player is playing.




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